Production Tips

This Section Gives You Basic Production Tips For Various Types of Productions

Lights Camera Action works best when your cell phone is performing best.  Speed is very important. Increase your cell phone performance speed by reviewing the performance tips in “Troubleshooting”.  

Example #1, Product Placement or Podcasting

A three camera shoot is ideal for product placement or for podcasts.

For static subjects, it works best to use tripods.

Create Project Settings Explanation

Under Basic Information, you will see the LCA logo.  If you click on it, you can change the title photo of your shoot by taking a picture or choosing one from your photo gallery.

Scheduling your project can come in handy when there is an event that you want to cover with several cameras.  For example, if you want to record several perspectives of a play that begins at a specific time, this scheduling function is ideal..

Choosing the proper aspect ratio is simply clicking on the one that matches where you will be uploading your video.

The number of cams allows you to choose how many mobile device cameras you want recording in your shoot.  To the right, it says “This Camera.”  Here you can choose “Switch plus Camera” or “Switch.”  Choose the former if you want your phone to record video in addition to the other cameras.  Choose the latter if you want to choose from the other video feeds to make your video.

Selecting the primary camera and mic is important because should you choose automatic switching, LCA needs to know which camera is primary.  It also needs to know from which camera to obtain the primary audio.

Choose Manuel Switching if you prefer to make the decisions when to move from one feed to another.  Choose automatic if you want LCA to spend a certain amount of time on each camera and then move to the next.  For example, if you are making a video of  team sports, you probably want to choose Manual Switching.  If your subject is static, or confined to the cameras viewing areas, you may want to choose Automatic Switching.  For example, if you want to see several perspectives of an outfit you are wearing, automatic switching will work well.

The Countdown sets the number of seconds until the recording begins.  If a camera needs more time to get ready, like that on a drone, you would want to increase the number of seconds in the countdown.

Video quality has two choices.  Use high quality for the best results.  Your phone camera’s maximum resolution determines the resolution when choosing High Quality.

High quality and longer videos with more cameras require higher burn times.  Plan not to use your phone during burning.  Answering calls or texts will interrupt the burn and require you to start over.

Live Streaming takes your composite video and sends it as it is recorded to YouTube or Facebook.  Please note that you need a Livestreaming account at both of these companies before you can livestream to them.

Lastly, all of the decisions for switching are for livestreaming.  If you have the Professional version, you can take your time making editing decisions because all of the raw material is available to you in the cloud.


Example #2, Parties and Family Gatherings

Three – six cameras can work very well  for parties and families gatherings to make sure that you capture every angle.



Example #3, Sports Events and Concerts

Three – six cameras can work very well  for parties and families gatherings to make sure that you capture every angle.



Example #4, News Reels

Three – six cameras will make your news production come alive. You can have  cameras located anywhere in the world as long as they have a good LTE cell connection.  Imaging having one of your friends reporting “Live from Boston”, and another “Live from Hong Kong”, with yet another “Live from Mexico City”.  Yes – you can do that!