Lights Camera Action Tutorial

Thank you for downloading the lights Camera Action software and for being part of our growing video production community.

Lights Camera Action lets you make amazing synchronized “multi-camera” video on your cell phone with team members from all over the world! All you need is your cell phone and a good cell connection.

Invite up to six of your friends to bring their cell phones and be part of your video production, and you’re ready to make high quality multi-camera video just like a pro!

You can use Lights Camera Action to record synchronized video from six different angles and viewpoints for parties, weddings, sports events, concerts, pod-casts, news-reels, travel logs, entertainment and theater, training videos, product placement videos, family gatherings, and a whole lot more!

With Lights Camera Action you can record and edit 360 degree synchronized multi-camera video in real-time and live stream the edited video to your favorite social media platform. You can even save each individual camera view separately to the cloud for editing at a later date.

We want to take you through a few steps and help you get started right away.

First, find the Lights Camera Action software on your mobile device and click to open.

With a “Free” account you can dive right in and start your first synchronized multi-camera video production.

For best results, make sure you have a good LTE connection on your cell phone with strong signal strength. A strong LTE signal connection will provide the very best quality.

Press the “PLUS” button in the bottom right corner, then press “Create Production”.

Here, you’ll setup your video pre-production parameters.

Select “Now” if you want to film right away, or “Schedule” for a future date and time.

Select the proper aspect ratio for your chosen social media platform. Lights Camera Action will automatically adjust to the aspect ratio you chose.

Coordinate your film production take.

LCA allows up to six synchronized cell phone cameras to record at one time.

Be sure to select the exact number of cell phone cameras intended for your video shoot. Not having right number of cameras selected can result in a “dead camera” slot.

Select which cell phone cameras will record the sound, then select the main microphone for the over-all shoot. For example; if you are filming a multi-camera musical recital, assign the primary camera to record sound.

Next, set the other mobile devices to either be “mute” or to capture sound. You can now switch video from one cell camera to another without interrupting the over-all sound recorded.

Decide if your camera is a “switchboard” only, or if it will be a “switchboard with camera”. This determines if your cell phone camera view will be added to the final video production, or if your cell phone will only be used to determine which other cell phone cameras are added to the final video.

Select your count down time. The default is set to three seconds. For example; the countdown setting with help with video shoots that involve a drone. You’ll need a few more seconds to get the drone cell phone camera in place.

Adjust the countdown to your shoot’s needs.

Select “Manual” or “Automatic” in the primary camera switch setting.

Manual switching allows you to select the “active” cell phone camera on the fly. Automatic switching allows you to set “timed” camera transitions.

Select your video quality. If you are saving the final video to your cell phone, the higher the quality chosen will require more storage space on your phone. So, make sure you have enough storage on your cell phone for your production.

If you are live streaming or saving to the cloud, you don’t need to store the final video on your cell phone.

Your “Free” account allows for 2 minutes of synchronized recorded video time for each production video. The video file saves directly on your cell phone. You can then upload your video to your desired social media platform.

Live streaming is available with the LCA “Student” and “Pro” accounts. Upgrading to either the “Student” or the “Pro” version allows you to live stream synchronized video for hours without using storage space on your cell phone.

If your production requires “live Streaming” select it here. You will need a social media account that allows live streaming.

Remind your production team of specific details using the project description. For example; If you want camera “1” to focus just on the bride, and you want camera “2” to focus just on the groom, and you want camera “3” to focus just on the crowd, then you would put these instructions here.

LCA will inform you of how much recordable space you have on your mobile device. Be sure to have enough storage available for your project to avoid interruptions.

Save your project.

Now, send invites to your production team so that they can add their cell phones to your production.
Your team members can transmit their cell phone camera view by clicking the “Share Camera” option, or they can transmit their cell phone desktop view and show other applications in use by clicking the “Share Screen” option.

Select a cell phone camera slot you will assign to each team member. Find their contact information and click “invite”.

Your production team members can be located anywhere in the world as long as they have a good LTE cell phone connection. Keep in mind, that when recording video originating in other countries, that international AND local laws apply. You are responsible to honor the laws in each specific country.

The LCA production invite will be automatically generated in your Text messaging. You will need to click “send” for each Text message invite.

Each production team member will receive the invite in their Text messaging.

They will need to click on the Text message invite to accept and be part of your production. You will be notified when each team member has accepted your production invitation.

If a team member does not accept your invite, your production will have a blank camera slot, but you can still make a great synchronized LCA video with the team members that have accepted.

Your team members will need to turn on their cell phone camera, or select their cell phone desktop view and select “Go Live”. A few seconds later you will see their cell phone view on your mobile device screen.

When all cell phone cameras are ready, click on the “Action” button. This will initiate your synchronized video production.

All cameras should be at the, ready.

From the camera switcher, double tap on any camera to change the recorded video to that vantage point.

You can edit your video production in real-time in the “Free” version and in the “Student” version of LCA.

You’ll need the “Student” version or the “Pro” version of LCA to Live Stream to social media.

With the “Pro” version of LCA you can edit your video in Real-Time, AND you can also “Post” edit your video after the production is over. With the “Pro” version, all video footage from each synchronized cell phone in your production can independently be stored in the cloud.

Enjoy creating beautiful videos to save to your phone and upload to the social media platform of your choice.

Get either the “Student” or “Pro” versions of LCA and live stream for hours.

When your production is complete, simply click “That’s A Wrap.” Your synchronized multi-camera video production will then be saved.

If you are saving directly to your phone, you will need to allow for “Burn Time” before you can replay your final production.

Plan for this Burn Time without any interruptions, and don’t leave the screen until the burn is completely finished, or it may result in loss of video footage.

If you are saving your video to the cloud using the “Pro” version of LCA, all you have to do is login to your account by using your cell phone to scan the QR code on the Lights Camera Action website. You’ll then see a folder for each of your synchronized multi-camera video productions and be able to view, download, and edit each video to your heart’s content.

That’s it! Have fun recording synchronized multi-camera cell phone video with your family and friends. Be sure and capture all of the special moments you can!

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